how to buy

We do not offer a wasp nest removal service, we simply sell products online that enable you to treat your wasp problem yourself.

1. Online – Select the product of your choice from the Home page – click the ‘View Details’ buttons to view the full product detail. If you wish to purchase the product click the ‘Buy Online’ button and that item will be added to your order. At the Checkout you will be prompted to confirm your order and enter payment and delivery details – delivery is usually next day.

2. Note – If you’ve got a wasp deterrent question, click here and we will answer you within 2 hours (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm) if you send your question after 5pm we will get back to you first thing the next day. Test us; if we fail we will send you a large bar of chocolate.

Cancellations & Returns

Jones & Son Pest Control Supplies Ltd (owners of,, are aware that at times it may be necessary to cancel items that may have been ordered in error.

Cancelling Items/Order In ‘Your Basket’

At any time prior to the order being completed an item or a whole order may be cancelled in the following way:

1. Go to ‘View Basket’ located on the top tool
2. If you wish to remove an item from an order simply change the quantity to ‘0’ (zero) and click amend. The item will be removed and your total basket value will be recalculated
3. If you wish to cancel the entire order simply click the ‘Cancel Order’ button provided.

Unused/Unwanted goods less than 30 days old.

On occasion it may be necessary for you to return unused/unwated goods.

We accept return of unwanted goods upto 10 days from purchase. Provided the goods are unused, complete and in their original packaging, you can return the goods for a full refund, no questions asked. We will however, expect you to bear the cost of returning the unwanted goods.

Faulty Items less than 30 days old

If within 30 days you think that any item purchased is faulty, please send us an e-mail or phone us with full details. The manufacturers who supply us with products will arrange to repair or replace it. Of course we will assist you throughout this process to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Faulty items older than 30 days old / Warranted Goods

Many of our products come with a manufacturers warranty. To validate the warranty you must complete and send off the enclosed warranty card; Then if after 30 days you discover a fault you will be able to contact the manufacturer who will arrange to repair or replace it. Again we will support you through this process. Remember to send off the warranty card.

Payment Methods

Jones & Son Pest control Supplies Ltd accept the following methods of payments:


Prices will be displayed in GBP (Great British Pounds). All accounts will be settled in GBP.


All products and services provided by Jones & Son Pest Control Supplies Ltd are subject to standard VAT. Prices shown within the product pages are exclusive of VAT. VAT will be calculated and displayed in ‘Your Basket’. Jones & Son Pest Control Supplies Ltd VAT number is: 143790853

Common Mistakes: If at any time you make a mistake when entering your card details (e.g. invalid expiration date) an error message will be displayed telling what the error is. Simply rectify the error and commit the changes. Find below a list of common mistakes:

• We do not accept Amex or Diners Card
• A Visa Delta card is a debit card and not a Visa credit card. If you are unsure If your card is a Visa or a Delta please look for the Delta symbol normally located on the rear of the card
• Please make sure you enter your card number as a continuous line of digits with no spaces or dashes